Make the best use of power of new

New gives a fresh perspective. New brings an opportunity to shed something old – the one that has outlived its purpose or not helping in progress. New helps in touching those edges, otherwise never exercised. New is welcome. New also triggers curiosity and anxiety. If you nourish curiosity, there’s a great opportunity to make something … [Read more…]

How to learn from things that you already know

It is nearly impossible for people to learn what they think they already know. Once you feel you know everything about something, you’re done. If you open the possibilities of knowing another side of what you think you know, new perspectives show-up. When you apply what you know, you experience. All valid knowledge comes through … [Read more…]

How to write winning proposals

Proposals are powerful instruments of business communication. Whether it is a solicited response or proactive proposal, it should serve the purpose. Failed proposals serve no business purpose. Winners adopt a creative approach. They spend quality time in analyzing the proposal from the customer point of view. They don’t highlight the features and greatness of the … [Read more…]