Managers fail as Intrapreneurs

Managers in a corporate setup thrive to achieve objectives by delegation and staying focused on getting things done v/s doing things. This works well when the objectives are clear and actions are predictable. Most new ventures require a lot of experimentation – for discovering what works, for finding right customers and making things work. This … [Read more…]

How to get the team to move well through difficult times

Difficult times are common in large projects and long pursuits. The team that set out to achieve the set goals, might falter under pressure.  A key dependency or module going not as per plan can jeopardize entire program. Defects discovered through every-cycle of test can add more fuel to the boring issue. This is the … [Read more…]

Let your team guide you to be effective at work

Fully engaged workforce is one of the dreams senior leaders hope to see in reality. On an average they find that seven out of ten employees are not fully engaged in the workplace. Under half do what is expected of them but feel undervalued and are unwilling or unable to put in any extra effort. … [Read more…]