How to make collaborations work

Collaborations, everyone agrees is essential to move-forward, achieve-greater-good and be successful. Collaboration is all about working with someone to produce something remarkable. For an intrapreneur, collaborations are the critical element of the system to build a remarkable craft.

Collaborations succeed when the contributions and associated value-additions from all parties are mutually respected and recognized. Though well-intentioned, many-a-times, you end-up meeting people, partners, and peers who tend to overvalue their own contributions and undervalue those of others. Many professional relationships disintegrate when people involved, feel that their partners are not giving them the credit they deserve or doing their fair share.

Responsibility bias – exaggerating our own contributions relative to other’s inputs has to be curtailed for making collaborations work. Cut the desire to see and present yourself positively at every possible opportunity. Instead, learn to be factual and make your partners’ contributions shown and perceived positively, at every possible opportunity. 

You naturally have more access to information about your own contributions than that of others. You will see all your efforts, but will only witness a subset of partners’ efforts. When you think about who deserves the credit, you have more knowledge of your own contributions. To make collaborations work, develop insights into partners’ inputs and contributions; understand their constraints and dependencies too. Develop mutual respect and extend-helping-hand in all steps of collaboration. 

The multiplicity of the value of contributions makes your craft, remarkable. Keep that as the core purpose of collaboration. It helps in keeping responsibility bias away and information deficits at check. Build bridges than barriers for collaboration to work.

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Working your way joyfully to be at your best

Work should bring the joy in your life. For that, you should work joyfully. Anyone who isn’t earning money and making progress joyfully is at stress. Some of the working principles of working your way joyfully include the following.

Eliminate minimum return activities from your to-do-list. Learn to develop, outsource and make-use-of-resources at your disposal. Keeping too many housekeeping activities takes away time, energy and opportunity to work on what matters the most.

Upgrade the value of your time. What you create determines your value. Instead of working on tasks just to complete and move on, find what is the best way of doing it. Make it very useful for the next guy or the consumer. Let there be zero rework for you and others. Let it be clear and simple so that you don’t have to spend more time explaining or correcting it. Upgrade the value of your job. This upgrades the value of your time. You get the flow and the joy flows.

Learn to bring yourself in full. Don’t send your virtual twin to work. You can control your thoughts and emotions when you bring yourself in full. Use the right tools, understand the processes that make your work help others without your further intervention and for you to progress further. Always take action in the present moment. When you send your twin, there’ll be delays and postponement of action.

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Growth is a necessity to sustain

Growth is a necessity for every organization. If you are not growing, you are stagnating. If you are not growing in your ability, you are getting worse. Continuous learning and growth should be part of your daily routine.

Economically, a minimum growth is essential to meet cost-of-living-adjustments. Growth in abilities is important to remain relevant to changing needs of the market, competition, and customers. Growth is essential to sustain what you are doing today. If your company is not growing, people at work cannot grow. You lose people. You lose the ability to grow and serve more customers. It might trigger a downward spiral.

Focus on growth. Identify opportunities, ideas, and customers who help you grow. Work on projects, initiatives, and solutions that will help you grow with existing customers first. Reach new buyers and markets while retaining growth focus on current opportunities and operations. Support programs that yield growth over those who can alter the path of progress. Growth and fulfillment come from abandoning practices that hinder progress and momentum while embracing new ones. Innovate to grow. Innovate to overcome hindrances of progress and momentum.

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Power of relationships

Relationship management is considered one of the most important abilities to succeed at work. Everyone has their own definition of relationship management and how good they are at it. Salespeople rate this as the most important lever for their success. HR personnel believes that this helps the organization to succeed in all counts and at all times.

Relationship management is all about knowing more people and letting more people know you in a positive way. This is not necessarily easy for extroverts over introverts. In the context of relationship building, you can not push your ideas around, say yes to everything or bend backward irrespective of the appropriateness. It is all about letting them know you in a positive way. It is about your craft, your work and how it is useful to one who may need it. When people know you in a positive way and like you, they will give you ideas, and open doors for you and your craft. If you relate to them well socially, but they cannot relate to your craft, product/solution, you have no deal or lead to a deal. Make sure that you use the power of relationship to help you make your craft and yourself remarkable.

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How to become lucky at work

Becoming lucky at work happens when preparedness meets opportunity. The more ability you have and develop in your field, the more likely it is that lucky breaks occur for you. Your great opportunities often come from the most common situations around you. Your biggest opportunity lies under your own feet, in your current job, industry, education, experience or interests.

Build clarity about what you want, and what you are willing to do to get it, you become aware of the ability you should build. Clarity of desired goals magnetically draws good luck for you.

The person with the widest variety of knowledge and skill in any area will have the most luck in that area. Work towards expanding your knowledge and skill. This intensifies awareness and expands opportunity base.

Timing is everything. Be it a comedian’s performance or healthcare. With proper preparation, you get the timing right. Spread your network to sense what is needed in your field tomorrow and start working on it at least today. This improves your timing and preparedness for the opportunity. You become lucky at work.

The greater the energy and enthusiasm you have, the more likely it is that you will recognize and respond to opportunities. Best ideas and profound insights come after a period of rest and relaxation. Make sure that you get your energy and enthusiasm work for you. You will become lucky at work.

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Power of specialisation

In a crowded marketplace where affordable, alternative solutions exist, you must specialize in a particular product or service for a particular set of customers. Not all potential buyers will look for specialized solutions. People who are cost sensitive will look for common solutions for their problem. They are willing to spend some more time and money in making it work for them, or they adjust their needs to what this can do. But those buyers, a small portion of the crowd will always look for a special solution that helps them fully with their requirement.

This is similar to how you may choose your dentist in a big city where you have a lot of options. Do you look for a specialist who is very customer friendly and fully equipped or anyone around the corner? Specialists keep themselves and their clinics updated routinely and offer customized services while general practitioners are busy competing on the price factor. Specialists normally enjoy a very good reputation and might be charging a higher price – while leaving behind a lasting impression.

When you operate in a crowded marketplace, you have to find a way to specialize. This helps in creating remarkable craft and experience. The specialization will filter opportunities and provide an ability to focus on a segment and build a great venture. This is true when you are an entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur. Specialization helps you stand away and tall from the crowd. Make the best use of the power of specialization.

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Rewards motivate people to work towards getting rewards

Rewards are part of employee motivation schemes at work. Whether rewards help in getting people to perform at their best should be closely verified in your company context. Just look for the change in performance levels of all those people who missed getting the reward. Most of them might start performing lower than their normal. Since the reward will be for a handful of people, there’s the risk of lowering the performance levels across a great population of employees. The reward for a few might have turned into punishment for the company.

In most of the cases, rewards motivate people to work towards getting rewards. They might tend to do just what it takes to qualify. Risk-taking ability reduces drastically. People might compete more than cooperate or co-create. High-performers in any job, work because they love to do that job, the joy it brings to them naturally. Same is true for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

While you are designing and building a high-performance work-culture, take note of how to motivate people intrinsically in your business context. Give them what is required to perform at their best – freedom to think, act, fail, collaborate, co-create and create wins all the way. Supplement their effort with world-class training, mentors, and work-environment that accelerates their success. Let them form, abide and govern themselves to achieve their best. That’s the best reward you can give to high-performers who are driven from within and stand-tall for what they do.

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Craft the purpose of your work to work at your best

When you wish to hire someone for a job at work, you start with a job description. It is supposed to provide boundaries of the work one has to perform when hired for that job. Take a look at your own job description. It is mostly a long list of duties and expectations. It does not necessarily have anything specific to your company and the job you do there. A software engineer’s job description remains the same in any software company. A manager’s description will fit any company. So, is a CEO’s.

Mainly, you work with people. Every company has to work with people – in the form of customers, collaborators, associates, etc. But, hardly job-descriptions have anything or any mention of that part of work. A receptionist at a hospital has a very different challenge at work compared to the one at a Bank or a commercial enterprise. That is due to the people they have to work with and serve. People skills and orientation towards the true needs of the customers makes the true job-definition.

Though the list of duties for the job remains the same across industries/companies, why you excel in one than the other stems from why you work and why you work at that place. Find that purpose of your work. It reveals an important aspect of what makes you work at your best. A CEO of a healthcare company requires a very different people orientation compared to that of a software company. If you love seeing and working with people to help them get cured or get better at their health, you fit a healthcare company than that of a software company.

However, no job-description may exist for an Intrapreneur in your company. Neither you may have it as part of the list of duties in the current job’s description. That is something you love to be in any job or a company you work with. You have to craft this purpose. Note that an intrapreneur succeeds in a company that supports enterprising people. Else, you will be bombarded with barriers and constraints that might take a lot more from you than it’s worth. When you know this difference and associate yourself with where you belong, you will be landing in your dream job. You will work at your best! Your work and craft both become remarkable.

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Self-Regulation a necessary skill for high-performance

Self-Regulation is considered essential for emotional well-being. It is the ability to act in your long-term best interest, guided by your foundational values. It is your strength to calm your self down when you’re upset. It is the lever to cheer yourself up when you are down.

At work, when you are running a project, initiative or pursuing an idea, it is quite possible that others working with you may not scale up to your expectations. When you witness your team performing lower than their best, you feel let down. When they make mistakes that can easily be avoided, and put-up a bad show in an important meeting you feel emotionally upset. In the gloom that follows, you might find yourself tempted to do a lot of destructive things in anger.

When you have mastered self-regulation, you would choose a different approach. You will pick words carefully. You acknowledge the poor performance without rushing to any hasty decision. Analyse the contributors to the failure – persons, people, process and the consequences. You will then call your team and express your feelings about the incidence and present your analysis of the problem and a well-considered solution. Some may consider doing a root-cause-analysis as a team and take collective action. But regulating your behavior is much more important than the process of making inclusive decision-making and ownership of the problem & solution.

Self-regulation helps keep emotional well-being. Controls feelings and impulses – making you reasonable and capable to create a work environment that reduces possibilities of politics and infighting. This leads to high-performance. Self-regulation has an inductive effect. People around you will pick-it-up and help you build a remarkable team and the craft.

For an entrepreneur/intrapreneur, working with different people with own priorities and tastes, self-regulation is an essential skill to master. Since you will be tested for patience, tolerance, performance-gaps and mostly the pace-of-delivery, it is important you embrace self-regulation.

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How to build winning edges in your field of work

Winning edges – small differences in ability that can lead to an enormous difference in results. Both at a personal and organizational level, you should build your winning edges. It is that small difference in your own personal stack of knowledge and skills that can lead to major differences in your performance and achievements.

Strategies and techniques for achieving success at every level of business and in every field of the profession are more widely available and progressing more rapidly than ever before. You can learn any subject, master any art and build proficiency in the field of your choice much easier now, through the abundance of knowledge and work-pieces of several masters around the world. Many of these are available for free and at any time, any place.

When you look around, you will find many successful people and organizations in your field of work. When you study their ways-of-working and craft, you will be able to understand their success principles. Since there are so many successes and failures, you can analyze and build your own set of laws-of-success. When put-to-use, you will know their value. Fine tune it to make it a set-of-unbreakable-laws-of-success. Just as you reap what you sow, when you use good raw-materials, you get good things out.

For example, the following may be a set of laws to abide by to build your winning edge:

  • Learn a new-topic-a-day
  • Do-something-new-every-day
  • Leave no-item-unchecked in the to-do-list for the day
  • Correspond with one-new-person-a-day
  • Visit a new-place-a-month
  • Walk-a-mile-a-day
  • Gift-a-thing-a-month

When you build and operate under the laws-of-success, you will build winning edges that make your craft remarkable. Try it now.

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