Introvert Entrepreneur

“I’m shy. Can I make a good entrepreneur?”. A common question amongst those who are considering to be an entrepreneur but feel tied up by being an introvert. Being introvert may make it harder for you to push yourself a bit more than others to get up and go out to do something. Just examine … [Read more…]

Your goal is an immediate response

Every opportunity you get to put across your idea to your sponsors, customer or employee should be productive. The best next action should start immediately after your idea reaches them. The best approach to present the idea is to elicit an immediate response. When someone says, “let me think about it” or “looks like I … [Read more…]

How to sell your idea more effectively at work

NO is typical word salespeople hear all day long, every selling day. For average salespeople those words signal loss, defeat. The gut triggers failure and rejection. If salespeople just accept that word and mentally pack away their sales materials and start thinking about the next appointment, no sale ever would have happened. When you are … [Read more…]