Core capabilities for winning in new generation

In the generation where technology is making it easy for anyone to compete in any chosen field, it is important to identify and build capabilities that help in winning. Thrust on user-experience and use of artificial-intelligence in more or less every aspect of tech-interface, starters have an illusion of ease-of-learning and adopting to demands of work. But, the core part of work is getting more complex and difficult to accomplish.

If your craft is building something useful in the field you chose, there are two core capabilities you need to win the game.

  • Ability to quickly master tough things.
  • Ability to produce and deliver high-quality product at a great speed.

Make use of the technical advancements and utilities around, to help you achieve these to stay relevant and contribute significantly. This helps you find and pursue ideas that make it count for you and your company.

be a #dreamerdoer