How to get the team to move well through difficult times

Difficult times are common in large projects and long pursuits. The team that set out to achieve the set goals, might falter under pressure.  A key dependency or module going not as per plan can jeopardize entire program. Defects discovered through every-cycle of test can add more fuel to the boring issue. This is the … [Read more…]

How to sell your idea more effectively at work

NO is typical word salespeople hear all day long, every selling day. For average salespeople those words signal loss, defeat. The gut triggers failure and rejection. If salespeople just accept that word and mentally pack away their sales materials and start thinking about the next appointment, no sale ever would have happened. When you are … [Read more…]

Make passion work for you

Passionate people work only to realize the dream, they made it as a mission. You can not miss noticing a passionate person when they are with you. When you are touched by their work, you will feel the intensity and care with which they built that craft. Everyone has the latent power to be passionate … [Read more…]