Fear of rejection is the biggest impediment

Intrapreneurs propose and pursue new ideas, solutions, initiatives routinely. When you propose something to others without their consent, the chances of rejection is the highest. If you fail to propose due to the fear of rejection, you remain where you are if you are lucky. The difference between high-performers, intrapreneurs and the rest lies in their ability to face rejection and move forward with grace.

Rejection is everywhere. You get hate mail. You get rejected for opportunities you think you are the best fit. You get people who don’t understand you, who are upset with you, angry with you, don’t recognize/respect what you’ve done for them. You can’t hate people who reject you. Definitely, you can’t let them get the best of you. Nor you can praise/bless the people who like you. Everyone at work is acting out of their own self-interest.

The key to being on-top-of-your-performance levels is to build a strong foundation to face rejection, choose yourself and act positively. Some may say – You find strength through rejection. But, rejection hurts. Continuous hurt has to do some damage. Yielding to damage will create more hurt and damage. Face rejection. Choose yourself to win-over rejection. Know what you want from every interaction, proposal and build a base that leads to what you want. Be genuine with your approach. Pursue it with confidence. Never be tentative in your efforts. Fear-of-rejection is the biggest impediment for high-performance.

Rejection and fear-of-rejection force people to stay away from trying, from being. Unless you try, you never know what works. Those who act without the fear, tend to get accepted. Once one of your ideas is accepted, you are accepted. Courage builds Confidence. Your craft becomes remarkable.

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Integrity is the fabric you should wear to work

Most of the companies you work for and build, will have Integrity as one of the foundational values. Everyone agrees. Everyone expects the other to follow. Unbelievable business fall-outs and roll-of-heads in the history, circle around the pivot of integrity – the breach of it.

Integrity is all about being unified and undivided. Integrity has no greyscale. Integrity is the fabric you should always wear to work. But strong fabric requires interlacing – one thread in one direction with other at a right angle. Courage is that thread – which is required to hold the thread of integrity. Most failures around integrity happens slowly and in small steps. Especially when no one is watching. Lack of courage to face and correct it, makes it crack fast and the fabric will be fully torn. How far can you ignore noticing the one wearing a torn cloth?

Integrity and courage should go together. Make it single value. Practice it well and support everyone around you to do the same. This helps in your endeavour. Don’t cut corners while laying the foundation. The strength of what you build depends fully on that.

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Making and keeping promises is an essential element for being effective at work

At work, either you are a CEO or work for one. In both cases, you deal with people. Human relationship stems around promises. It can be a routine task of a project where your output influences another’s work and final outcome or your commitment of sales targets. It’s a promise. It influences several chain reactions. Mostly, irreversible.

Every time you keep the promise, organisation moves ahead. Every time you meet and exceed the promise, your company accelerates further towards excellence. Folks who hesitate to make promises, quite often are hesitant in keeping as well. If they do it for three times in a row, it might become a trend. A dangerous one.

When you make and keep promises routinely, it scales your game. Builds confidence – leading to competence and the flow that is an essential element for being effective at work. Be brave. Make and keep promises.

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Courage is more important than confidence

Courage is important to take-up something than the confidence to do the same. When you are operating out of courage, you are saying – no matter how you feel about yourself or your opportunities or the outcome, you are going to take the risk and take a step toward what you want. You are not waiting for the confidence to arrive on its own from somewhere.

Confidence is achieved through repeated success at any endeavour. The more you practice something, the better you get at it, and your confidence will grow over time. Start something useful to you and your company, now. Be brave. Being brave takes you to becoming competent. And then, the confidence arrives.

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